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HUNT#2 Callaville Hunt Club 1/16/2017

Registration will start at 5:30am and run to 6:45, roll call at 7am and cast at 7:30.  

***PLEASE be on time to registration

Breakfast will be served as well.

If you still need numbers call Bert Davis at 804-248-3441


Greenway Hunt Club hunt #1 9/10/16

        1st place female Southern Styles Shay (91)

Southern Style Kennels

        2nd place female Skinquarters Beyonce (9)Skinquarter Kennels

        Southern Style also took the Best Pack trophy


                   1st place male Duck & Runs Trigger (96) Duck & Run Kennels

              2nd place male Longest Cledus (62) White-e-Beach Kennels